Treated myself to my first Illamasqua products!

-Precisoin Gel liner in the color Infinity (Black) Smooth and easy to apply, but to get an even black you have to go over it a feew times. 
-Duo sculpt powder:
1. The hightlight color: Amazing real-life highlight, gives the most beautiful and natural glow!
2. The contour color: Is a bit to yellow, otherwise it works good. 
-Precison ink:
1. Abyss (black): This is the blackest liquid eyeliner i have ever used, however hard to get a pointy thin wing with it
2. Scribe (white): I'ts perfect for those creative looks! It glides on easy and doesn't crack. However i find it dissapointing that i'ts not so pigmented, the skin shows through a little too much. 
-Lipstick Kontrol: Very smooth and very pigmented. Amazing lipstick, this shade is like Lime crimes Chinchilla but a few tones darker! So it might be easier to acctually wear then chinchilla. 
Lipstick Apocalips: My new favorite! Im absolutetly in love with this shade! and the same as Kontrol it's very pigmented but yet so smooth! 

Lipstick Apocalips, duo scuplt powder, precision ink abyss

Lipstick Kontrol, duo scuplt powder, precision ink abyss 

House Of Lashes

Me and my friends got together and oreder some House Of Lashes!

Pixie Luxe: Pretty and sweet lashes
Noir Fairy: Pretty but more bold and dramatic then pixie luxe)
Iconic: Suits creative and edgy looks (My favorite)
Precious: The perfect bottom lashes

Pixie luxe

Noir Fairy

Makeup Geek

Ordered these 9 eyeshadows from makeup geek along with the Z.palette! 

I'm in love with these eyeshadows! Color-wise and texture-wise! They are pigmented and smooth at the same time, and the shades are just perfect!  

L-R top: Peach smoothie, Creme Brulee, Chickadee
L-R middle: latte, mocha, cocoa bear
L-R bottom: bitten, bada bing, drama queen. 

In this look I've used peach smoothie with blanc typ from Mac on the lid with Bitten and Mocha in the crease 

Here Ive used Bitten on the lid, bada bing in the crease and creme brule & peach smoothie to blend the crease color