Anastasia Beverly Hills part 2!

The amrezy palette from Anastasia! 

Best eyeshadow palette ive ever had! Why? because the colors blend SO gorgeously, the colors are to die for, and the color combinations are endless! Im in love with this palette! 

Anastasias popular dip brow pomade has 3 new shades! 
Taupe: Cooler version of blonde, more grayish looking!
Soft brown: A very soft and nice brown, lighter then dark brown with a slight warm undertone. (my new shade) 
Medium brown: Similar to dark brown but i find is cooler in the tone, more gray! 

The contour book and contour kit!

Here are all the shades you can choose from when building your own customized contour kit! 
(the book is not for sale, each color is for sale as a refill to be put in a palette) click here to costomize your own! 


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